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Unlock cost savings, improve customer satisfaction and reduce carbon footprint

Trilemma of competing priorities

FLOX is a state-of-the-art logistics operations services platform that harnesses the power of technology and innovation to streamline and enhance supply chain operations. 

Our platform enables shippers and logistics service providers to collaborate seamlessly, driving efficiency, cost savings and sustainability.

Our mission at FLOX is to transform the logistics industry by facilitating the optimal utilisation of shared logistics capacities. We aim to create a sustainable and resilient supply chain ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders. 

By leveraging advanced technology and data-driven insights, we empower our users to overcome the service, profitability and environment trilemma, thereby unlocking new possibilities for growth and success.

Flox opoerations and services

 Our values and ambitions that drive FLOX


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Eliminate waste from global supply chains

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 Minimise margin erosion with cutting-edge technologies

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Reduce environmental and social impact through shared economies

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Provide practical and robust SaaS platform for collaborative supply chain management

Dan Clarke

"The GCP is delivering an ambitious programme of work to help address these issues which includes looking at how Innovation can reduce the impact of freight on the transport system and help us decarbonise the transport system.

We commit to work with Value Chain Lab to ensure that the FLOX project is successful and gives the GCP an understanding of how their approach can contribute to our objectives."

Dan Clarke
Head of Innovation and Technology
On behalf of the Greater Cambridge Partnership


Meet the leadership team behind FLOX


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Michael Ostroumov


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Chris Clowes

Chris Clowes


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Waj Akram

Waj Akram


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